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PRIME For Life is a research-based program developed by Prevention Research Institute (PRI), a non-profit educational organization headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky. It is the mandated statewide program in Georgia, Iowa, North Dakota, South Carolina, and Utah and delivered through community agencies in more than 45 states. For more than 15 years, PRIME For Life has been tested and developed. Its content is carefully selected to achieve specific attitudinal and behavior change. Information is presented objectively and persuasively using documented research findings rather than opinion, exaggerations or scare tactics.

Instructors receive four days of intensive training to prepare them to deliver PRIME For Life. Skill building and continuing education workshops help instructors maintain their competency, stay updated on the latest research, and develop and enhance their teaching skills. PRI supports instructors with ongoing toll-free program assistance, a regular newsletter, and customized evaluation services.

Using a persuasion-based approach, instructors use a variety of delivery methods, including interactive presentation and small group discussion. Participants use workbooks throughout the course to complete a number of individual and group activities.

PRIME For Life is delivered to people convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or other drugs.   More Info...

How much does it cost?
The Cost to attend the DUI classes is $250.00 for the screening tool and the classes.

What do I do to get into the class?
You need to come into one of our offices and complete the client paperwork, includding the SASSI screening tol. Bring in a copy of your court order to attend the class. If the court order does not have your Blood Alcohol Content listed, and if your DUI offense was alcohol related you need to bring in the arrest record showing the Blood Alcohol Content at the time of the incident. You also need to bing in a copy of your motor vehicles record. All of these items need to be completed and the fee paid by 5:00 pm the Wednesday before the class begins.

What are the attendance requirements?
All participents are required to complete the SAASI screening tool. All class sessions MUST be attended in order. If you miss a class you may continue from the same point when the series is started again the next month.

Why do I also have to see a therapist after the class is done?
In some cases it may be recommended that you see a therapist after completing the class because your Blood Alcohol Content was 0.16 or higher, you have recieved two or more DUI's, or a positive result on the SASSI-2 testing suggests a possible dependance problem.

What if i'm under 18?
If your under 18 and are ordered to attend a DUI class please contact our office at the phone numbers listed above. the DUI instructor must be contacted to make arrangements for your class.

Call the respective office to get exact dates and times for classes you are interested in, using the numbers listed above.

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**Schedule is subject to change without notice.